WHO Teaming Up With Wikipedia

The World Health Organization is teaming up with Wikipedia, creating the first health-related partnership between Wikipedia and a health agency Imeetzu. The new partnership will allow Wikipedia to freely publish content created by WHO. For instance, the World Health Organization will make its “Mythbusters” infographics available for use on Wikipedia. The graphics will help readers distinguish between common misconceptions about COVID-19. In the future, the WHO will also make its treatment guidelines available to Wikipedia users Thedocweb.

Funding for WHO has traditionally been provided by the United States, with the U.S. government contributing anywhere from $200 million to $600 million annually Mynewsport. The Trump administration has, however, reduced U.S. funding to WHO, and has resisted a recent move to withdraw from the organization. Fortunately, the Biden administration has reversed the Trump administration’s move and is now fully funding the organization.

WHO works to improve the health of the world’s population by facilitating access to essential medicines, vaccines, and primary health care Getinstagram. The organization also helps countries prepare for health emergencies, including pandemic influenza, and provides assistance to countries affected by HIV and AIDS. WHO’s dual mandate allows it to be both a political body and an independent body that performs health-related work.

The World Health Organization has granted Wikipedia permission to use its published information, graphics, and videos Koinsbook. It is the first collaboration between a health agency and Wikipedia, and it puts WHO material into the ‘commons’ on the Internet. This allows people to copy or use WHO material without asking permission, as long as they provide a link to the original source xotic news.

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