How to Prepare a Sugarcane Juice Business Plan PPT

To start a sugarcane juice business, you must have a proper sugarcane juice machine. It should be able to make the desired juice anytime of the day, and should also be energy efficient. Also, you should make sure that your stall is visually appealing. It should be clean and well maintained, with posters that advertise the nupedia health benefits of the juice.

This business requires a small investment and 9xflixcom can yield good profits. It is also seasonal, and the highest demand is during the summer months. Therefore, you should prepare a plan for operating the business throughout the year. If the market for sugarcane juice is low in the summer infoworld months, you can expand your business by selling other products in the same category. You can also expand by setting up more kiosks or counters.

If you have a space for a juice stand, you can add lemon, ginger, and peppermint to the mix. After removing the sugar from the cane, you can add peppermint and black salt. You can also add some mint leaves to the drink. This way, you can sell it to customers for Rs. 5-10 a glass. For maximum profits, it is dumpor best to set up the business in a busy neighborhood where many people gather.

You will also need to invest in hygienic equipment. You will need about Shs120m to produce large quantities of juice. Moreover, you will have to invest in transportation and paying workers. You must also be prepared to face a variety of problems in this regard, especially if you are selling fresh juice. tinyzonetvto

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