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If you are a potential investor in a startup, you are likely looking for some insight on the startup’s business model, financials, and founders. This article will give you some insights on all of these topics. The article will also cover some expansion plans, too.


The founders of Capiter say that they are on the verge of achieving $1 billion in annual revenue. In an interview with TechCrunch last September, they touted their platform’s accomplishments. They also noted that they’ve raised $33 million in Series A funding. Their investors include Savola Group, a company that is arguably the largest investor in MENA region’s FMCG products.

While Capiter’s business model isn’t new, they have taken it to the next level by partnering with the likes of Flipkart, Careem and Uber. It also provides financial services through partnerships with banks.

The company, which is in its infancy, has already accumulated hundreds of thousands of users, dozens of merchants and 6,000 SKUs. This includes both large and small retailers. Moreover, they’ve recruited experts from the world’s top e-commerce sites.

There are three problems that the platform addresses for merchants. These include providing a fair price for the goods they sell, facilitating credit into the system and matching them with manufacturers that can meet their needs.

Business model

Capiter is an Egyptian B2B e-commerce platform. It enables small and medium retailers to order goods, pay for them and arrange for delivery. The company has raised millions from investors in the past year. In September, it secured $33 million in Series A funding. Now, the board of directors has fired its founders, Mahmoud and Ahmed Nouh.

According to the board, the founders failed to resolve Capiter’s operational problems and redirected the company’s capital to lower-priority creditors. It also accused the founders of finger-pointing. The Capiter board said the Nouh brothers are responsible for outstanding salaries.

But the company’s employees have yet to receive their August salaries and have voiced their displeasure on social media. Some have even gone on LinkedIn to complain about the way Capiter is being run. They are confused about the future direction of the company. However, the executives have declined to comment on this matter.

According to TechCrunch, Capiter was on track to reach $1 billion in revenue this year. As of September, the company had 6,000 SKUs, or sellers.

Expansion plans

Capiter is a B2B e-commerce platform that enables small and medium retailers to order, pay for and arrange for delivery of goods. It offers a hybrid model which takes advantage of the ecosystem developed by local banks. Its competitors include Cartona, MaxAB and the likes. The company has raised a few million dollars in funding in the last year and plans to expand its footprint across Africa and the Middle East. Aside from its core e-commerce business, Capiter also provides financial services through partnerships with banks.

The company has hired a few notable names to lead its charge. It has recruited Flipkart and Careem to its team. One of the company’s co-founders, Ahmed Sabbah, runs a fintech startup called Telda. He has a background in shipping and logistics. While Capiter had some hiccups on the enrolment front, it is still on the upswing and is making some impressive progress. With a slew of investors in its corner, the startup should be able to keep up its pace.


Capiter is an e-commerce platform that allows SME businesses to order inventory, obtain financing and receive delivery. It was launched by Ahmed Nouh and Mahmoud Nouh in July 2020. The startup is backed by a diverse group of investors including Savola Group, Derrayah Ventures, Foundation Ventures, MSA Capital, Quona Capital and Shorooq Partners.

With an embedded finance model, Capiter has the potential to make a tremendous impact on the financial lives of small and medium enterprises in the region. The company is currently working with over 50,000 merchants and plans to expand into more verticals within the next year.

It has recently announced a $33 million series A funding round, led by Quona Capital, MSA Capital, Derrayah Ventures, Shorooq Partners and Accion Venture Lab. Capiter is also expected to expand its operations to Egypt in the near future. According to Monica Brand Engel, co-founder of Quona Capital, its embedded finance model is a game changer for SMEs

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