What Are The Risks of Revoking a US Green Card?

A permanent residence or green card in the US is a limited privilege. This permission, like a driver’s license, can be revoked for irresponsibility or breaking the rules. Maintaining your US residence status requires you to be conscious of the risk of revoking your green card and the conditions that lead to it. Therefore, you should have a legal consultation if you face such an issue. 

The consequences of revoking a US green card

You may face severe consequences if you fail to turn in your green card or delay the removal process. These could consist of penalties, imprisonment, or even deportation. You will receive a Notice that requires you to appear before an immigration court and explain why ICE is asking for your removal from the country. The court will determine whether or not to permit you to remain in the nation after reviewing your case and evaluating the evidence that you have provided that argues your claim not to be deported.

Typical cases for green card revocation

Green card revocations after foreign travel or extended stays outside of the US are the most common. The US Customs and Border Protection will check your status and entry permission upon your return and can ask about the maintenance of your Permanent Residence. Several factors may result in the cancellation of a green card, some of them are as follows:

  • violating any criminal or civil laws in the US
  • A longer duration of stay abroad for a Green Card bearer
  • A few instances of dishonesty or dishonest portrayal

Risk of Giving Up on Your Green Card

Spending much time away from the US can be regarded as abandoning your green card. This issue arises when you announce your plan to leave the US before maintaining your permanent residency. Remember that small children assigned to a parent’s care suffer if they see their parent lose their green card. You can travel outside the United States as long as you have a Green Card, but lengthy travel—especially if it lasts longer than a year—may be considered for Green Card abandonment.

The Re-entry Permit Requirement

Obtaining re-entry permission before leaving is of the utmost importance if your travels will keep you outside the United States for six months or more. When combined with an extended stay abroad, failure to get a re-entry visa increases the risk of losing one’s Green Card and being refused entry into the United States.

Contact your lawyer

You could have questions about getting a green card or permanent residency in the US. It is advised to contact an immigration attorney for comprehensive guidance and assistance. To help your immigration procedure go more effortlessly and stress-free, your lawyer will provide you with the most current and accurate data. They have assisted individuals living and working in the US for many years.